Meeting Minutes – January 30, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we learned of the successful third annual Greek Organization Leaders Retreat in which Dr. C. and Mr. Wendell (and Pete Lafferty) participated (this year’s focus, along with relationship building, centered on developing plans to bring to life several elements of the Greek Community’s Mission Statement). We received updates on the selection processes for next year’s undergraduate Community Development staff and this summer’s Day ONE Hosts, as well as the New Student Experiences Team’s ongoing analysis and proposed refinements of Day ONE, particularly the diversity-appreciation experience. We also received an update concerning the tour and review in which Mr. Hershberger participated last night, with Students’ Government Association, Security and Safety, and Physical Facilities, of campus facilities and security systems. We responded in association to the needs of the members of our community, when one of our students passed away suddenly on January 29, and throughout the days that followed.

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