Meeting Minutes – February 5, 2004

The Activities Funding Board discussed two issues: The Board voted not to fund The Commuter And Off Campus Student Association (CAOS) request of $23,560.00 for a spring concert for April 17, 2004. The board voted not to fund the program for the following reasons:

  • The Board recognizes the hard work and planning of CAOS in the proposal for the Spring Concert initiative.
  • The Board feels CAOS is creating a good track record with programming but is not experienced enough to manage such a large-scale event.
  • The Board feels with more programming experience, CAOS could eventually facilitate an event similar to a Spring Concert. Given the financial commitment required coupled with the organization’s lack of programming experience it doesn’t seem responsible to fund the program at this time.
  • The Board also feels communication about the co-sponsorship of the Resident Student Association is unclear. The Board would feel more confident if the organization Back PAC was the lead sponsor of this event due to their programming experience specifically working with bands.
  • The Board would welcome the opportunity to discuss this issue with the organization at the next Board meeting.

The Board also discussed a van purchase. A 15-passenger van cost $26,000. The board requested a usage comparison between the 15-passenger and 7-passenger vans, and that information will be reported at the next meeting.

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