Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2004

We completed discussion about defining “lewd, indecent, immoral or obscene” conduct. After reviewing and referencing legal definitions, with particular emphasis on media, we decided that it is in the University’s best interests to continue situational interpretation of these terms. We also suggested that we continue to discuss the term “conduct”, as it applies to the student press at La Salle. We completed post-publication review of one issue and thought the process was good and useful to both the Committee and the staff of the Collegian. The Collegian continues to experience technology problems. Duane, as their advisor, will assist with some, and a committee member suggested that the Collegian prepare a proposal for the Funding Board for some of the hardware and software issues. We also suggested that Tom Namako, as editor-in-chief, consult with Dr. Cicala about the issue of a web-based version of the paper. We tabled discussion of this issue until that meeting takes place.

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