Meeting Minutes – February 26, 2004

The Activities Funding Board allotted $9,780.00 to seven student organizations.

The members of Delta Sigma Phi were allotted $2,805.00 for their third annual softball tournament to benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation, scheduled for April 3, 2004.

Members of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) were allotted $1,796.10 for attendance and participation in a regional competition to be held April 8, 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Members of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) were allotted $522.00 for a leadership conference in Washington, DC to be held March 18-21, 2004. The Board mandated the group must have at least one Junior or Sophomore student attend the conference.

Members of the Men’s and Women’s Rugby clubs were allotted $1,500.00 for a scrum sled to be used by both squads for practice. The equipment is expected to last 8-10 years, if properly cared for. The equipment will be stored at the Good Shepard Softball Field.

Members of College Republicans were allotted $407.45 for a state convention in Hershey, PA to be held March 27, 2004.

Members of La Salle Service Trips were allotted $2,000.00 for supplies and fees for Los Ninos to be held in May of 2004.

Members of FOCUS were allotted $750.00 for the COOL (Campus Outreach Opportunity League) Conference in Philadelphia, PA to be held March 12-14, 2004.

Members of the Lasallian Arts Lovers Alliance appealed a decision the board made at an earlier meeting, and requested $1500.00 for spring semester programs. No motion for funding was made and the proposal was not funded. The Board cited the following:

1. The board stands by its original decision

2. They allotted some money and would like to see how this new group does with their initial programs.

3. The group should also monitor attendance at the events funded. This might help the board with future decisions.

4. The Board also feels the group could search for alternative funding (e.g.: if speaker is focused on diversity, are there offices/student organizations able to co-sponsor?)

5. Is there a balance of the arts: music, arts, etc., current examples seem to be from literature field only.

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