Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we received brief reports about the successful spring break service trips to Appalachia and Boston and the various Travel Study courses’ excursions, as well. Dr. C. filled us in further on the results of his CSEQ/ACUHO-I survey data discussions with Information Technology and Food Services. Several of us maintained presence at 20th and Olney for several days of this week, in association with Security and Safety, to monitor the scaled-back activities of the protestors and to continue to assist our students in appropriately responding to same. Mr. Wendell and Br. Echelmeier updated us about the progress of our search for new Resident Coordinators and the upcoming University Ministry & Service retreats, respectively. Mr. Lamorte offered an update in regard to next week’s Career Expo and the following week’s “Dinner with the President.” Ms. Allen did likewise in regard to this week\’s meeting of our International Education Management Team and several of our faculty associates concerning continued refinement of our approaches to Travel Study courses, even as we learned of our University Life unit’s swift and effective outreaches to students from and students studying in Spain, in the aftermath of Thursday’s tragic acts of terrorism in Madrid. We agreed upon an approach to and a consultant to assist us with the revision of the diversity education portion of Day ONE, and we continued our preparations for our presentations at the upcoming American College Personnel Association (ACPA) national convention.

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