Meeting Minutes – March 19, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we learned of the success of University Ministry and Service’s weekend retreat for our students, of recent Commencement Week scheduling decisions and program elements, and of the number of housing deposits received by last Friday’s deadline (and since). We discussed (and some of us supported Career Services on site at) the Career Expo; the upcoming Health Fair; our Peer Educators’ participation in the next Amethyst Network conference; potential conflicts (and means to resolve same) between a planned Explorers for Life demonstration and the Take Back the Night rally that is to be part of next week’s Hope, Acceptance, Love, and Tolerance (HALT) series; methods of distribution for SEPTA’s new guides to transportation for college students; and the City of Philadelphia’s offer to install bike racks on campus. We received updates regarding Administrative Services’ and RSA’s joint venture to provide assistance and support to St. Neumann Hall residents dealing with residential/dining facilities’ construction noise and UMAS’s basket-bidding fund-raiser, in support of our travel service programs, in connection with Charter Celebration, and we continued our preparations for our ACPA conference presentations. Ms. Allen was to be away for the weekend, as one of the leaders of University Ministry and Service’s Kairos Retreat for our students.

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