Meeting Minutes – March 25, 2004

The Activities Funding Board allotted $13,634.72 to five student organizations.

The members of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority were allotted $5,425.00 to attend the International Convention, held June 23-27, 2004, in Chicago. At the Convention, student representatives will learn about leadership, recruitment strategies and more.

Members of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority were allocated $2,654.72 to attend the National Convention, held June 23-27, 2004, in Savannah, Georgia. Student representatives will learn about recruitment, philanthropy, and other leadership topics.

Additionally, members of the La Salle Ambassadors were allotted $2,743.00 to send four delegates to the Association of Student Advancement Programs (ASAP) International Network Conference, held August 11-15, 2004 in Portland, Oregon. Networking and leadership development will be offered at the conference.

Members of Sigma Phi Lambda were allocated $997.00 for a comedy show to benefit the family of Alexis Santiago, a La Salle University student who passed away due to burns caused by a fire last November. The show is to be held April 21, 2004. The Board requires the group to repay all ticket sales up to the amount allotted, per the guidelines. Any proceeds above $997.00 can be given to the family.

Members of SIFE were allocated $1,815.00 to attend the National Competition in Kansas City, held May 23-25, 2004, if the group wins at the Regional Competition in Boston.

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