Meeting Minutes – March 26, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we discussed and laid the groundwork for short-term and long-term possibilities for graduate student housing, with a particular emphasis on students who will enter this fall the fifth year of the five-year bachelor’s/master’s program in Speech-Language-Hearing Science and we reviewed and discussed the list of and unit assignments for prospective Day ONE Hosts for this coming summer. We finalized the membership list for our division’s 2004-2005 Staff Development Team, approved the addition of the Peer Educators awards to the annual Student Awards Ceremony, and reviewed a draft of our forthcoming statement to students regarding appropriate behavior in the Wister Wood (“Belfield”) area near campus. We received updates regarding the smooth progress of the new and improved housing selection systems and we made plans for divisional participation in Enrollment Services’ forthcoming Discover the Difference Personally (DDP) programs for prospective students. We continued to plan for our ACPA convention presentations and learned, as well, of the basics of Community Development’s plans for Resident Coordinator recruitment and interviewing at the convention. We discussed the New Student Experiences Team’s progress and current status in regard to the “shared summer reading and subsequent discussion” project for incoming students and decided upon a course of action to resolve an apparent obstacle, and we also briefly reviewed the plans for the new freshman advising initiative for the coming year.

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