Meeting Minutes – May 5, 2004

After finalizing a few details about the End of Year Luncheon, we began working on the agenda for the June and July Staff Development events. Our June workshop (June 22, 2004) will once again utilize our Day ONE experiences to gather information about our incoming students and families. We are finalizing an agenda that will allow all our staff to share information observed and to use the information in shaping our opening weekend and other programs we do. In July, we will have our DSA Day for staff members who have joined our division since last July. We have finished our draft of the agenda, and will be forwarding on for Leadership Team review. The day will include information on La Salle history, La Salle today, DSA structure, and Lasallian values. Finally, we are working on the agenda for the 2004-2005 staff development retreat which will take place the end of May. This retreat will be an opportunity for members of the Staff Development Team to focus on their development and spend time goal setting and planning for the year.

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