Meeting Minutes – June 29, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we discussed, to the extents appropriate, the alleged incidents of student sexual misconduct that were brought to Dr. Cicala’s and Mr. Wendell’s attention late last week and with which they and other members of the administration have been dealing throughout the intervening period. We began to develop, at Ms. Allen’s recommendation, efforts of outreach to and support for other students who may not be directly involved but may be affected in various ways, and mapped out a plan to proceed. Dr. Cicala apprised us of progress on the calendar management and USA Today Readership Program initiatives we recently put into motion and into the hands of other DSA staff members, and sought the team’s advice regarding the next discussion with Academic Affairs and other associates about the potential Master of Arts in Student Development in Higher Education program. Dr. C. also circulated several recent articles/book chapters on student retention/success and on financial management, the latter in preparation for the upcoming spending and planning reviews in which he and Mr. Hershberger will lead us.

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