Meeting Minutes – July 1, 2004

This summer is proving to be busy as we continue to plan and host numerous Staff Development Events. We hosted the first of our summer events, Day ONE: A Look at Our Incoming Students and Families, on June 22, 2004.This event was met with much success as members of the Division of Student Affairs met to discuss our gathered information and observed interactions of our incoming class and their families. All DSA staff members who participated in the various Day ONE programs were invited to the first part of the event where they had the opportunity to discuss their interactions among three groups: content presentations for families, content presentations for students and One on One facilitators. After the break, the rest of the Division was included in a larger discussion about what these observations mean for the upcoming year, including use of the information in various trainings, opening weekend, and events planning/programming. On July 15, 2004 we held the second annual DSA Day for all the Divisional staff members who have joined us since July 2003. This event was attended by 16 new staff members and included sessions conducted by University President Brother Michael McGinniss, Provost, Dr. Richard Nigro, the University Archivist, Br. Joe Grabenstein, Br. Art Bangs and others. Overall, the day focused on increasing understanding of the DSA structure and teams, La Salle history and current standings, and building relationships with colleagues. Upcoming events will include a program aimed to make greater our use of the USA Today readership program, the 2004 DSA Kickoff and the Staff Development Retreat scheduled for early August.

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