Meeting Minutes – July 6, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we received an update from Dr. Cicala and Mr. Wendell regarding the alleged incidents of student sexual misconduct and the University’s responses to date, and we received an update from Ms. Allen and Dr. Neubauer about the efforts of outreach to and support for other students on which we are collaborating with Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation. In addition, we agreed to intensify our intentionality in covering related topics in divisional staff training for the coming academic year, and to work in association with others at the University to do so in their areas, as well. Mr. Lamorte brought forward a proposal received from an external source to bring a career-related event to campus; after consultation with Dr. Cicala, Mr. Lamorte will explore possibilities with the promoter. Mr. Hershberger provided an update on our residential and dining construction project. Dr. Cicala provided updates on a variety of initiatives, from staff development to calendar management, that we have charged to various associates throughout the division.

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