Meeting Minutes – September 10, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we welcomed as an “honorary member” Director of Academic Support for Student Athletes Br. John Kane, who will be joining us for many of our meetings as part of our efforts to continue to develop our student leadership culture to embrace and be enhanced by our student athletes and athletic teams. We met with Director of Portal Communications Jim Sell, as part of an ongoing discussion about effective dissemination of information about divisional services and activities. We continued planning for the September 13 day of training regarding the Clery Act that will involve nearly all divisional staff, as well as Security, Athletics, and Academic Affairs staff, selected student leaders, and advisors of our registered student organizations. We prepared for and contributed to the plans developed at the meeting between leaders of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, University Advancement, and Security regarding preparations to ensure that activity at Wister Woods during Homecoming is appropriate. We received detailed updates on the residential and dining construction project and the full implementation of our new residential guest registration system. We discussed reactive responses to and proactive steps to mitigate further difficulties with late night off-campus behavior and instances of intolerance that have been directed toward members of our residential staff, among others. Both kinds of incidents have been more infrequent than in some past years, but both remain, as well, areas of deep concern and attention for us.

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