Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2004

We reviewed our charge statement and learned that one item remaining from last year’s agenda, the proposal for an academic integrity code, will be carried forward by the Faculty Senate and the Students’ Government Association (SGA). We reviewed the text of and progress toward completing goals outlined in the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) document “Continuing our Cultural Change: Increased Association with Student Athletes and Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation,” attached below.

We learned of plans being refined by DSA, University Advancement, and Security and Safety to bring together an ongoing council of students, neighbors, University staff and faculty members, and others to work together on issues related to the quality of life in our neighborhood.

We received copies of the Council for the Advancement of Standards’ (CAS) Self-Assessment Guides for Career Services and Student Religious Services, for review in preparation for discussion at our next meeting. Our committee will focus some of our work this year on using these nationally recognized standards to study La Salle’s Career Services and University Ministry and Service units and to submit to the DSA Leadership Team recommendations for the continued growth and development of those units.

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