Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2004

We and the rest of our division participated, along with Security and Safety, Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation, Academic Affairs administrative staff, and advisors to registered student organizations, in Clery Act and incident report training, conducted on September 13 by our consultants, as well as Dr. Cicala, Dr. Neubauer, and Mr. Wendell. At our regular meetings, in addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we met with Human Resources’ Paul Roden, who presented the University’s emerging training agenda; received and discussed updates regarding our participation in upcoming Open Houses, as well as divisional needs for letterhead, business cards, and other stationery; and reviewed the actions taken by the Liquor Control Board and the Bureau of Licenses and Inspections in regard to several off-campus student rental locations, as well as the University’s responses/follow-up actions.

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