Meeting Minutes – September 24, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we continued our review of and follow-ups to the actions taken by the Liquor Control Board and the Bureau of Licenses and Inspections in regard to several off-campus student rental locations, and we moved forward in planning to train and routinely employ most divisional associate directors as preliminary hearing officers for disciplinary cases, as most divisional coordinators and all Community Development professional staff already are trained and employed. We attended to a number of routine matters centering on divisional teams and committees and reviewed in more detail the plans being made by the Staff Development Team. In response to a concern she raised on behalf of our consulting physician about clarifying communication and protocols when student athletes are treated at or admitted to hospitals, we agreed that Dr. Neubauer will convene a working group consisting of appropriate personnel from Health Services/Student Health Center, Athletics Training, and Athletics administration. We were apprised of and, to the extents appropriate in our individual roles, involved in the University’s responses to criminal charges brought against one of our students. We discussed student concerns regarding the consistent application, given the successful implementation of the electronic guest registration system, of the University’s long-standing guest and visitation policies and devised a plan to respond to concerns and to clarify, in the short and longer terms, both our policies and the appropriate means of implementing them. We reviewed new meal plan and operating hours options proposed by Food Services in preparation for a meeting in which Dr. Cicala will participate next week. We agreed to assume responsibility for two of the weekly “Explorer Life Skills” sessions for student athletes this semester. Mrs. Allen will lead us in preparing and presenting the October 19 session on diversity and community, and Dr. Cicala will lead us in preparing and presenting the November 16 session on leadership and Lasallian values. We also discussed ways to help student leaders and organizations encourage the mutual support of all/many organizations and athletic teams in both “Hoops Madness” and “Student Organizations Night” at The Masque’s fall production of Cabaret.

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