Meeting Minutes – October 1, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we were apprised of the successful UMAS student weekend retreat and of progress Drs. Cicala and Neubauer are making in revising, for greater ease of use, the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) self-study guides for the Student Affairs Committee’s and the units’ use in this year’s studies of Career Services and University Ministry and Service. They’ve also summarized the data from our own recent study of the Alcohol and Other Drug Program, and will prepare next to review the data with the AODP staff and to lead us in devising action steps for continued improvement. Ms. Allen informed us that November 11 has been set as the date for our on-campus memorial service for our former associate and alumna Patricia Sarkis, and that a committee has been formed to plan the service. Br. Chip informed us of a developing partnership with Maryknoll for a travel service trip to Africa and its potential, with faculty partnership, to become a travel study course. We learned of the Staff Development Team’s plans for a series of discussions centered on movies with higher education settings and themes and reviewed/discussed the assignments/partnerships of our Resident Coordinators with units and programs throughout the division. We reviewed and agreed to move forward with the proposal made by Clement Communications to bring the “Greater Awareness” program of safety and security education to campus and we discussed a series of recommendations made by AODP Coordinator Robert Chapman to invite other University associates, including Enrollment Services staff, and external stakeholders/allies, to join us in shaping the learning of our students in regard to high risk behaviors. We continued to discuss, to the extent appropriate, the University’s actions in relation to the criminal charges brought last week against one of our students, and reviewed/discussed the progress being made by the Community Development Advisory Board to respond to concerns expressed by our students about more stringent recent enforcement of our campus’s guest and visitation policies.

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