Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2004

The board’s meeting on October 4th focused primarily on the reports of the two subgroups set up in the previous meeting. The first subgroup reported on the guest and visitation policies of 17 other colleges and universities and the second laid out a plan for assessing La Salle’s needs for guest and visitation policies. Although the information was not provided in a manner that easily facilitated comparison, in summary, many public institutions did not restrict visitation based on gender but many private institutions did. Staff members with experience at other institutions described their personal experience with how this was enforced. The sub-group that focused on assessment went over the plan they had developed and posted on the Board’s discussion group. The group agreed with a great percentage of the work but was concerned about good assessment practice and insuring the information received by the process would be objective. The sub-group has subsequently met twice since 10/4/04 and currently a random group of resident students is being approached to participate in a survey and focus group. Faculty familiar with conducting research are looking at the survey instrument and will provide feedback to the sub-group. The focus groups are intended to begin the week of 10/18/04.

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