Meeting Minutes – October 15, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we outlined and agreed upon the series of new funding requests we will advance for the division and its programs and on the processes by which we will do so. We began, in earnest, discussions about the set-up of our new residence hall, and we identified a series of factors that will need to be considered, individually and in association with one another, as we seek to identify the hall’s environment(s), including desired percentages/make-up according to class standing; gender distribution; whether or not to include academic or career or extra/co-curricular special interest units; whether or not there should be special conditions to qualify students to apply for or to live in the new hall; the number of “units” (floors? wings?) that will make up the hall, and what impact that will have for the working relationships/organization of the residential Community Development staff; any differences that may/should be considered/engendered by the inclusion of two room types (modified suites and traditional double rooms) in the hall; and a few others. This discussion will continue, and will expand to include others in the University community (as it did when Dr. Cicala met with Honors Program Director Mr. Grady this week), so that we may make the best possible decisions in a manner that will allow smooth housing renewal and application/assignment processes. We reviewed, as well, the Safety Advisory and the Safety Alert issued by the division on October 9 and October 12, respectively, in regard to robberies and attempts off-campus.

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