Meeting Minutes – November 12, 2004

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we learned from Dr. Neubauer of the success of the past weekend’s Peer Educators Retreat and from Mr. Lamorte of La Salle participation in the weekend’s MBA Talent Finder event. Ms. Allen briefed us about next week’s “International Week” activities. We continued our series of focused discussions about the various factors that need to be considered as we plan for our new student residence. Dr. Cicala and Mr. Wendell apprised us of the success of the November 10 dinner meeting hosted by DSA for neighborhood leaders, student leaders, and University administrators, and the consensus of those in attendance that we should move forward with the development and establishment of an ongoing neighborhood council. We responded in association to the needs of several hospitalized students, and one recent alumnus, and their families. Several of us participated in the memorial service for our late alumna and DSA associate Patricia Sarkis.
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