Meeting Minutes – November 16, 2004

We continued our discussion of an item carried from 2003-2004, i.e. progress in spurring dialogue about the sale of certain pharmaceutical products in the Campus Store and in the Union Market. Remaining concerns are to brought by the Health Advisory Committee, through the Health Services staff, to the attention of the Vice President and Assistant Vice President of Business Affairs. Ms. Daniels informed us that SGA has formed an academic integrity committee, which will work with the Faculty Senate and the Academic Affairs Committee on the development of a co-sponsored academic integrity code.

Dr. Cicala advised of the apparent success of last week’s Thanksgiving dinner, hosted by the Division of Student Affairs, for the presidents of the seven Point student organizations, a group of our neighborhood’s leaders, and a group of La Salle administrators. Consensus among those who attended the dinner indicated that we should move forward with a number of initiatives, including the formation of an ongoing council of students, neighbors, and University personnel working together to advance the quality of life in our area and investigation of strategies to form a neighborhood or block watch program, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police Department. Also presented, and well received by, was the new “Neighbor to Neighbor” program, led by student coordinators and University Ministry and Service, designed to build personal relationships between students and neighbors through the fulfillment of specific requests for assistance from our neighbors.

Prof. McCoey will represent the faculty and our committee at one of this week’s meetings with the student leaders and national office representatives regarding the application for Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council membership by Mu Sigma Upsilon. Dr. Cicala will meet with the leaders and representatives in another of the meetings. We reviewed our work to date on the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) self-assessment guide for Career Services. All sub-committees will have their written reports ready for our December meeting.

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