Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2004

The Activities Funding Board allotted $42,569.75 to four student organizations and Late Night La Salle. Members of the Grimoire were allotted $2,000.00 for a speakers series to include Lorene Cary, and other speaker(s), and members of King’s Dream Planning Committee were allotted $6,000.00 for speakers, meals, and other materials for the King’s Dream Leadership Program, to be held January 17, 2005. Members of the Anime Club were allotted $3,169.75 to attend a conference in Baltimore, MD in late July, 2005, and the members of the Peer Educators were allotted $1,400.00 for the annual Stress Busters Week, to be held December 5-11, 2004. Finally, Late Night La Salle was allotted $30,000.00 for programs and services.

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