Meeting Minutes – January 25, 2005

We agreed upon final preparations for our upcoming joint meeting with the Career Services staff regarding our Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS)-based assessment of Career Services. We will begin preparations for our assessment of University Ministry and Service at that meeting, as well. The Division of Student Affairs Mid-Year Report was distributed in electronic form to committee members following the meeting; comments and questions are welcome. Dr. Neubauer reported that the Health Advisory Committee has completed its work, for now, in regard to concerns with over-the-counter products available in the Campus Store, having proffered recommendations to the Vice President for Business Affairs, in whose area of responsibility the Campus Store resides. Mr. Martin is to develop a mylasalle discussion group for our committee.

Ms. Oakes, Ms. Schwartz, and Mr. Nicholas raised for discussion questions regarding, respectively, recent heating problems in Sts. Albert and Bernard Halls and University responses; the apparent reclassification of student parking spaces as faculty/staff parking spaces over the mid-year break, as well as longer term concerns about campus parking; and guest registration/visitation policies for the student residences. Discussion resolved the heating-related questions. Safety and Security staff members will be invited to an upcoming meeting with us to discuss short and longer-term parking concerns and plans. Guest registration and visitation policies have been under review, since early fall, by the Community Development Advisory Board, with whom Dr. Cicala is scheduled to meet on January 26 and February 9. Mr. Nicholas reported on the goals of the newly-elected Inter-Fraternity/Sorority Council, which emphasize improvement of relations with Safety and Security and clarification/communication of University expectations regarding students’ behavior off campus.

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