Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2005

On February 16, 2005, the Staff Development Team coordinated the annual Late Night Breakfast. Approximately 40 DSA members staffed the event and 793 students attended, more than double the number from last year. The Peer Educators were on hand to distribute information about Healthy Relationships Week and the “I am La Salle” group was on hand to give out their blue bands and spread their message of unity. Members of The Point held a silent auction and raised over $400.00 for tsunami and mudslide relief. Prior to the Late Night Breakfast, we held the fourth installment of the “Snacks and a Movie” program. The movie “The Paper Chase” was the feature of the night with a number of DSA staff members, members of the pre-law program and the communications program on hand. We are now working on finalizing the details for the rest of the movie series as team members are working with Dave Luckenbill and Dr. Richard Nigro on upcoming showings. A survey will be distributed to staff to gather feedback regarding the movie series. Lastly, we are gathering ideas and planning the annual end of the year event. After gathering feedback on previous years’ events, we are potentially looking at hosting something on campus with an activity to follow or considering another off-campus location.

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