Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2005

Members were briefed on a security concern in Sts. Edward and Francis Halls and the status of the University’s responses to/resolution of the concern.

Dr. Cicala shared with the members the brief discussion regarding our Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) study of Career Services at the most recent Council of Deans meeting. The academic deans and other members of the council were asked by the Provost to share their own impressions of Career Services work and their schools’ and departments’ working relationships with Career Services. Dr. Cicala and Mr. Lamorte will include information received in the final version of the study document and, more importantly, in the formulation of future action plans. Discussion centered on those sections of our CAS study of University Ministry and Service (UMAS) that have been completed and submitted to date, in preparation for our forthcoming discussion with UMAS staff at our April meeting. A good portion of our discussion pertained to the perceived degrees to which UMAS, in its campus ministry functions, serves the needs of Catholic students and students of other faiths. Members agreed that the results of the needs assessment/student survey conducted by UMAS in spring 2004 will be critical to our study of UMAS and to the development of future action plans.

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