Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2005

Mike Lopacki visited our meeting to give us an update on improvements that have occurred over the past year in making the University campus compliant with ADA regulations. He also informed the committee of additional improvements that are scheduled to occur next year. In addition, he stated that the smoking signs have not been placed on buildings due to not yet getting approval from Business Affairs to do so but the process of moving the ashtrays away from building entrances has begun. We debriefed the Health Fair and all concluded (based on written evaluations and word of mouth) that it was highly successful. We also discussed the recent cases of MRSA (skin rash) that have been presenting itself at the Student Health Center. The Department of Public Health visited La Salle and their recommendations have been passed on to Physical Facilities. We also discussed incorporating more education about Alcohol and Other Drug issues into Opening Weekend for all incoming students.

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