Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2005

Selected materials that were included in new students’ Opening Weekend packets were distributed, including the voter registration form/cover note from Dr. Cicala; information about the new web version of the Student Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsibilities ; and The Affirmation. Parallel information has been distributed to upper division students via mylasalle . Details about the geneses of and future plans for the initiatives behind these materials were shared and discussed.

Dr. Cicala apprised the committee of the research project centering on student, faculty, and staff interest and potential student, faculty, and staff involvement in academic/career/other affinity theme-based student residences, or living-learning centers, at La Salle. The project has been commissioned by the Division of Student Affairs and is to be carried out by the firm called StudentVoice. Web-based surveys, participation in which will be solicited via e-mail, have been designed for students, faculty, and staff. The student survey, refined after the pilot participation of student leaders, is ready to go and will soon be made available. Pilot versions of the faculty and staff surveys were made available today to, respectively, the Council of Deans and the faculty members of our committee and the Division of Student Affairs Leadership Team and the staff members of our committee.

We made plans to embark upon our committee’s second year of study, utilizing the national Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) guidelines, of Division of Student Affairs programs and services. At the request of the divisional Leadership Team, we will study this year the University’s judicial/disciplinary programs and services (fall) and the University’s programs and services for students from underrepresented populations (spring). As was the case last year, members of our committee will focus, in subcommittees, on seven parts of the 13-part self-study, as identified below.

Mission, program, leadership
Mr. McKeever (chair), Dr. Neubauer, Dr. Oppliger

Equity and access, campus and external relations
Ms. Daniels (chair), Mr. Bollerman, Ms. Cannon

Diversity, ethics
Ms. Oakes (chair), Mr. Brightman, Dr. Busse, Br.Kinzler

The remaining six parts – organization and management; human resources; financial resources; facilities, technology, and equipment; legal responsibilities; and assessment and evaluation – will be undertaken by the division’s Community Development unit, which leads the implementation of our judicial/disciplinary system. Dr. Cicala briefly apprised the group of the uses made to date of the information we developed in last year’s studies of Career Services and University Ministry and Service and we will have at a future meeting a more in-depth discussion of progress made.

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