Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2005

The Funding Board allotted $8,328.09 to six student organizations. Members of the Psychology Club were allotted $1,425.00 for a conference on eating disorders at the Renfrew Center. Members of Circle K were allotted $317.25 for a conference at Camp Tuckahoe. Members of La Cycle were allotted $1,500.00 for advertising costs for a recycling program. Members of the Resident Student Association were allotted $2,087.34 for the Medieval Times trip. Members of the Peer Educators were allotted $1,348.50 for a Mocktails program. Members of the African American Student League were allotted $1,650.00 for a museum trip to Harlem, NYC. Members of WEXP requested $8,089.58 for a remote broadcast system. The Funding Board decided not to allot an amount for the purchase of the equipment at this time. The Funding Board will review the request at a later date if the members of WEXP attempt significant fundraising to offset the expense of the equipment.

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