Meeting Minutes – November 3, 2005

The Activities Funding Board allotted $9,300.75 to five student organizations, and requested further clarification for another group’s proposal.

Members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. were allocated $2,500.00 to host a speaker on the topic of “Seven Steps to Greatness” scheduled for November 17, 2005, while members of the American Marketing Association were allocated $1,890.75 for an etiquette dinner scheduled for November 17, 2005.The board required the American Marketing Association ensure the event is open to all students and to repay the board $700.00 in revenue from ticket sales of $10.00/student attendee.

Members of the “I am La Salle” Committee were allocated $1,110.00 for bracelets for their campaign, and members of Neo-African Drums were allocated $1,800.00 to purchase instruments.The disbursement was made after the group’s registration as a student organization was completed.

Members of an ad-hoc committee were allocated $2,000.00 to bring the AIDS Quilt to La Salle University on December 1, 2006. The Board requests information from the group about logistics, volunteers, and a cost breakdown before the money allocated is used by the group.

Members of the African-American Student League (AASL) requested $3,677.00 to attend the National Black Student Leadership Conference, to be held January 5-8, 2006 in Arlington, Virginia. This proposal was tabled until the Board receives further clarification.

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