Meeting Minutes – December 6, 2005

We welcomed new member Ben Traino, SGA Executive Freshman Senator, and agreed that he would join the CAS study sub-committee that is examining our judicial system’s equity, access, and campus/external relations.

Ms. Oakes, reporting on behalf of the sub-committee that is examining diversity and ethics, indicated that the student survey has been drafted and currently is being formatted by Information Technology staff. After testing, it should be ready for administration early in the spring semester. Mr. Brightman presented written materials representing the balance of that sub-committee’s work to date.

Mr. Bollerman, reporting on behalf of the sub-committee that is examining equity, access, and campus/external relations, briefed us about the meetings he recently conducted with student members of the Judicial Board. Recommendations that are being developed, in follow-up to those meetings, include greater promulgation of information about disciplinary policies and procedures, regular meetings of the Judicial Board with key student leaders/organizations, and formal training programs/information sessions for student leaders/organizations, so they may be better acquainted with disciplinary policies and procedures and better able to further inform their constituents, and in order to continue to build positive relationships between and among all concerned.

All sub-committee chairs/members were asked to submit written materials produced to date, as well as any additions that are developed between now and mid-January, to Dr. Neubauer, who will arrange for all the materials, as well as those being produced by the Community Development unit, to be consolidated into a full draft document for our review beginning with our first meeting of the spring semester.

Dr. Cicala briefed us on the uses made to date of the CAS-based materials produced by our committee last year. Career Services, responding to the general findings that more students can and need to be more aware of the unit’s services and resources and that greater attention to the needs of increasingly diverse students and increasingly diversified academic programs, has been working on the development of a new model for the career exploration process and the model’s implications and opportunities for the kinds of services and resources the unit can and should offer. The unit is scheduled for a day-long retreat next week, which also will include Dr. Cicala and the Counseling Center’s Dr. Suzanne Boyll. The model and ideas being developed are to be shared and discussed with other key constituents, beginning with the deans of the University’s schools and college and then faculty members, student leaders, alumni and Advancement staff, and others who can help us refine the model and ideas to better serve the increasingly diverse needs of our students and others concerned. University Ministry and Service’s work on the issues associated with ministry for both Catholic students and for students with diverse religious backgrounds and needs, also has been leading up to a December retreat day. Br. Robert reported that a number of subtle adjustments, including the addition of evening Masses for holy days of obligation to meet the needs of students away from campus on internship, student teaching, clinical or other assignments during daytime hours, and the development of multi-faith prayer services for King’s Dream and other leadership programs, already are underway.

Mr. Brightman indicated that Congress has declared 2006 the “Year of Study Abroad,” and asked for our ideas and suggestions as he and associates in University Life build new awareness-building programs and services to complement and supplement the work already in progress. He indicated further that the Cross-Cultural Association, with which many of our current international students are affiliated, is planning a ski trip and is soliciting location ideas.

Mr. Bollerman raised an idea, at the request of fellow students, centering on the consolidation of document production (printing, copying, etc.) means and accounts for students, which led to a brief discussion about the management of document production and reproduction technology on campus. We recommended he explore issues and ideas with Director of Information Technology Ed Nickerson and then report back to the committee.

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