Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2006

  1. Guest Dr. Robert Chapman made a comprehensive report on the activities of the Alcohol and Other Drug Program (AODP), for which he serves as Coordinator. The AODP was the first Division of Student Affairs program studied, by the divisional Leadership Team, using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) guidelines, before that ongoing project was assumed by our committee in 2004. Among the highlights of Dr. Chapman’s report:
    • There have been steady increases in the number of non-judicially mandated student contacts over the past several years, even as the number of judicially-mandated contacts also has risen, in part due to the increases in fines approved by our committee;
    • At the same time, there have been steady increases in the amount and sophistication of the AODP’s proactive educational efforts, including a variety of “public service announcements,” some courtesy of The Collegian, and the “Cover for a Prof” Program, in which AODP staffers are available to do alcohol and substance use/abuse education in the classes of instructors who may be absent;
    • And there has been, as well, a steady increase in the degree and complexity of cooperative educational efforts with Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation.
  2. Dr. Chapman also advised us of the upcoming biennial administration of the CORE Alcohol Survey and that 2006 is a year for the preparation of the biennial report on alcohol and other drug education and related efforts required of the University by the federal Drug Free Schools Act. Additionally, there are some very, very preliminary discussions underway between Dr. Chapman, Dr. Neubauer, Dr. Cicala, and others in regard to developing and providing greater supportive services for students in recovery from alcohol and other drug problems. Committee members offered a variety of comments and suggestions, and it was agreed that our committee will continue to serve as a campus-wide oversight group for the AODP, as we are for other Division of Student Affairs programs and services, and that Dr. Chapman will make regular reports and updates at future meetings.

  3. Dr. Neubauer led a brief discussion, in which all members present apprised us of their and/or their subcommittees’ work on various parts of the task, in regard to our progress to date on our CAS-based study of judicial services. As complete a draft as possible of the full report will be made available to all members prior to and for discussion at our next meeting.
  4. Dr. Cicala shared with us the draft language of application guidelines for Residential Learning Communities, to be incorporated into the Housing Selection Process that is about to begin for 2006-2007.Dicsussion yielded several helpful suggestions and consensus indicated that the idea, based upon the research conducted and shared with our committee last semester, is one that has potential value for our students and is worthy of pursuit.
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