Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2006

The Activities Funding Board allotted $6,300.00 to two student organizations, and $6,000.00 to a set-aside budget. The Board also discussed specific questions it had for the Athletics Set-Aside. Members of the Men’s Lacrosse Club were allocated $4,000.00 for coaching fees. The board included the following stipulation: the group must submit an annual budget request for 2006-2007 with a strategy for fundraising. Additionally, members of the Cross Cultural Association (CCA) were allocated $2,300.00 for a ski trip to be held February 18, 2006 at Spring Mountain Resorts in Spring Mount, Pennsylvania. The board included the following stipulation: students are to pay $10.00 per ticket and that sales be done in the Programming Center. Also, the board allocated $6,000.00 for the Activities Programming Set-Aside Budget. Finally, the board discussed the need to ask specific questions concerning the Athletics Set-Aside, including questions on how basketball tickets are counted.

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