Meeting Minutes – January 26, 2006

In addition to general business, announcements, and information-sharing, we completed preparations for and then participated in our scheduled meeting with the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, along with associates from Athletics and the leaders of the student organizations that comprise The Point. Alan and Dr. C. apprised the rest of the team of the success of the past weekend’s fifth annual Greek Student Leaders Retreat, in which they participated.

We continued our review of housing renewal/selection materials and plans, with emphasis on the completion of the call for proposals and application process for the new Residential Learning Communities pilot program, in response to the information developed in our related fall semester research project. On a related note, we learned of and committed to participation in the appropriate phases of the Resident/Community Assistant selection process.

We committed, as well, to participation in the Faculty Development Committee’s upcoming Charter Celebration session centering on the ever-more diverse natures and needs of our students, and we agreed to add an element, if possible, to the upcoming talk from Br. John Johnston on Lasallian mission and values, that being a post-talk session for students to be conducted by a representative of the Lasallian Volunteers, if one is available.

We learned of the reactive and proactive actions taken and to be taken by Community Development (broadcast voice and e-mail messages to known off-campus students) and Security and Safety (continued partnership with Philadelphia Police and increased vigilance) in response to two recent reports of burglaries of off-campus residences. Anna conveyed an invitation from La Salle alumnus Br. Bob Schaeffer, on staff at Pittsburgh’s Central Catholic High School, for one of our staff to participate in a late March panel discussion for parents and students on issues pertaining to the first year of college.

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