Meeting Minutes – February 4, 2006

35+ vendors are currently lined up for the Health Fair. No new cases of MRSA have presented themselves in the last month. At this point, more than 400 students, staff and faculty have joined FITNET. Materials for FITSMART were shown to the committee but this program still has not gotten off the ground in Food Services. No progress on ‘no smoking signs’; many ashtrays remain at building entrances. Mike Gilbert ( who will be joining the HAC as a guest member representing Custodial Services) volunteered to bring a map of the campus with all the ashtrays marked on it to the next meeting and the committee will make recommendations as to which ashtrays need to be moved. A letter expressing concern about air quality in Olney hall was sent to the HAC. Since an air quality study was conducted 2 years ago with no problems found, results will be presented to the individual who wrote the letter. Finally, we began preliminary proactive discussions as to potential plans to be put into place in the event of an Avian Flu epidemic.

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