Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2006

Dr. Neubauer thanked all who helped with the recent biennial administration of the CORE Alcohol Survey. A record number of students, more than 650, participated this year.

Our guests, Director and Assistant Director of Security and Safety Art Grover and John Gallagher outlined a proposed revision to student parking policies, in response to the impending loss of up to 75% of the parking capacity of the Good Shepherd property when development of the new supermarket/retail complex begins this coming summer. The proposed revision is the restriction of freshman resident students from applying for University parking privileges. Committee members expressed support for this proposal. Mr. Grover and Mr. Gallagher also indicated that they’ve recommended no increases in parking permit prices or in fines for violations for 2006-2007. A variety of related matters, from continued monitoring and refinement of shuttle routes and schedules to the value of working with Health Services staff in evaluating requests for parking policy exceptions for medical reasons, also were discussed.

Ms. Oakes and Mr. Bollerman provided updates about the forthcoming web/portal student survey and the recent Student Awareness Forum, both sponsored by SGA, concerning our student judicial system, in support of our committee’s Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) – based study of judicial services. Dr. Neubauer has received all but a very few necessary submissions from our members and the Community Development staff for the draft study document. The draft will be completed by the middle of next week and will be distributed to all our members and to the Community Development staff. We will discuss the document at length at our March meeting and we will ask the Community Development staff to do the same during the month of March. Our aim will be to have the Community Development staff as our guests for a mutual discussion at our final regularly scheduled meeting of this academic year, in April.

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