Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2006


Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair), Dr. Lane Neubauer, Br. Bob Kinzler, Melinda Massaro, Dr. Claire Busse, Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Jordan Feld, Danielle Forsythe, Celeste Wade, Jessica Sabella

Absent: Dr. Ana Maria Cantanzaro, Andrew Fox, Chris Dougherty

Guests: Kate Ward-Gaus, Art Grover, John Gallagher

Recorder: Nikki Giannini

  1. Jordan Feld led us in a moment of prayer and reflection.
  2. Dr. Cicala discussed the agenda for ourcommittee for the upcoming year. He reviewed the charge statement and membership for 2006-2007. There was a review of accomplishmentswith whichthe Student Affairs Committee has been associatedin years past, such as the smoking ban in public places on campus, parental/family disciplinary notification process, and the Affirmation. Some of the issuesourCommittee will be addressing this year are: MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), off-campus issues, program review of Club Sports, and an update from Art Grover and John Gallagher about parking issues. Our Committee membersintroduced themselves.
  3. There are fliers posted and announcements on the portal for Health Advisory in re: MRSA. In addition to precautions that were already taken, i.e. sanitizer dispensers in or near showers, athletic lockers and showers, in laundry rooms, the University continues effortsto control and prevent outbreaks of MRSA.
  4. Our Committee will also be looking into the off-campus environment and how to make it safer andenjoyable for both students and neighbors alike. There have been rumors of “countless” robberies of off-campus housing over the past weekend. There were only three (3) instances that the University was made aware of and that were being followed up by Security and the Community Development staff, and all three occurred at residences with unlocked doors. There is an advisory posted on the portal, and students are being encouraged to keep doors locked at all times. There has also been an increased amount of disruptive behavior at off-campus housing that needs to be addressed to keep the relationship between the community and the studentsa good one.
  5. Our Committee will be reviewing the Club Sports program here atLa Salle University. The Club Sports program here consists of five registered teams: ice hockey, karate, lacrosse, men’srugby and women’s rugby. We will be looking for the following information:
    • Are both the Club Sport and the University following the published requirements for a registered Club Sport?
    • How much money has each ClubSport been given from the student activities fee over the past 5 years?
    • Are registered Club Sports open to both genders, with equal opportunity for participation to all individuals?

    Each Club Sport will be examined by two members of ourCommittee through interviews with both the President and Advisor of the Club Sport and information from the Activities Funding Board and the Coordinator of Leadership Development, Pete Lafferty. A template for reporting this information will be provided to our Committee members prior to the next meeting.

  6. Art Grover and John Gallagher joined us to give us updates on parking issues. Parking remains a concern because there is not enough space available and demand is always increasing. Some arrangements that have already helped La Salle:
    • Resident Freshmen are no longer permitted to have cars on campus.
    • There is an agreement with Central HighSchool. After business hours, students are able to use tha tlot which offers about 290 spaces.
    • Open faculty/staff parking lots in the evenings to students.
    • Free lot at Good Shepherd that is not affected this term by the supermarket project.
    • There is an agreement with Albert Einstein Medical Center to replace the lots that will be lost at Good Shepherd due to the supermarket project. Spots will be available at Germantown Hospital after some adjustments with lighting and security. The shuttle will run to this parking lot, as well.
    • A part of the supermarket project is to retain a portion of the spots, along with the additional spots at Germantown Hospital, increasing available free parking.
    • Individuals who are ignoring the requirements for parking are being ticketed and also booted if not in compliance with the University’s regulations.
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