Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2006


Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair), Dr. Ana Maria Cantanzaro, Dr. Lane Neubauer, Br. Bob Kinzler, Melinda Massaro, Dr. Claire Busse, Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Jordan Feld, Danielle Forsythe, Celeste Wade, Jessica Sabella, Andrew Fox, Chris Dougherty

Guests: Kate Ward-Gaus, Pete Lafferty

Recorder: Nikki Giannini

  1. Mr. Foxled us in a moment of prayer and reflection.
  2. Each group gave us an update on its portion of ourreview of the club sports program. Each club sport seems to be adhering to the list of specific regulations for registered club sports on at least a partial level. Each group will be doing further investigation and will forwardits report to Dr. Cicala by Friday, October 27, 2006.
  3. Mr. Lafferty, Community Coordinator for Leadership Development, gave us a handout of the budget breakdown forclubsports over the past 5 years. It shows us eachclubsport, whatwas requested from the Activities Funding Board, and what amount each was allotted.
  4. In our review of club sports, we need to start investigating the role of gender inand the opportunities for both men and women to play club sports. Are/should/may club sports be segregated based on gender? Mr. Fox will assist Dr. Cicala in exploring practical, ethical, procedural, and legal perspectives.
  5. Dr. Cicala asked the members to review the CAS (Council for Advancement of Standards) self- study guidelines for recreational sports programs and to report back on which portions should be considered for use in further investigation of our club sports program.
  6. Dr. Cicala introducedtwo proposed additions to the Student Guide toResources, Rights, and Responsibilities. The items pertain to strengthening/clarifying the Student Guide statements of expectation with respect to off-campus student behavior. After review, we are to report back at the next meeting on our thoughts and recommendations in reference to the two proposed items.
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