Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2006


Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair), Dr. Ana Maria Cantanzaro, Dr. Lane Neubauer, Br. Bob Kinzler, Dr. Claire Busse, Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Jordan Feld, Danielle Forsythe, Celeste Wade, Chris Dougherty

Absent: Melinda Massaro, Jessica Sabella, Andrew Fox

Guests: Kate Ward-Gaus

Recorder: Nikki Giannini

  1. Jordan Feld led us in a moment of prayer and reflection.
  2. Our Committee reviewed the two proposed additions to theStudent Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsibilities. The items pertain to strengthening/clarifying the Student Guide statements of expectation with respect to off-campus student behavior. After review, we decided that the request for an address off-campus is reasonable, but should be placed in another section of the SGRRR. Also, there is a need to clarify the levels of behaviors for students that constitute “serious misconduct.” Dr. Cicala will review our recommendations and comments with the Community Development staff and will report back at and/or bring revised versions to our next meeting.
  3. Kate Ward-Gaus gave us an update on the Alcohol and Other Drug Program (AODP), which was the first program to be studied using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) guidelines by our committee. More attention is being afforded o providing intervention or resources to the student before higher-level disciplinary action is necessary. Also, AODP is working with the Community Development Staff in being more proactive than reactive with students, e.g., in consulting when behaviors of concern are observed. AODP would like increasingly to be viewed by students as a resource rather than a reaction. Kate asked our committee’s assistance in considering a new name for the program, as well.
  4. Dr. Cicala informed our Committee about research, plans, and a funding proposal to offer recovery housing to students actively in recovery with alcohol or other substance abuse.
  5. We are to continue reviewing the CAS self study guidelines for recreational sports program and report back on which portion(s) each member would like to work on, with respect to our ongoing study of our club sports program. A number of the sections will need to be done by the Community Development unit, which is responsible for club sports, in preparation for mutual review and discussion involving both the unit and our committee, as has been the case with previous CAS studies.
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