Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2008

Present– Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Jay Boney, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr, Phenix Fraser, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti

  • Letter to the Explore U participants
    • A letter will be sent out to the Freshmen Advisors who were part of the Explore U pilot to thank them for their efforts during Fall 2007 semester and to encourage continuing dialogue with their advisees, as well as further self assessments and referrals to campus resources relevant to choice of majors and future career paths.
    • A letter is also being drafted to be sent to the students in the pilot reinforcing the above as well as to solicit volunteers to possibly give feedback as to further development of the model.
  • Majors & Minors Fair – Update (Feb. 21 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.)
    • Currently 20 out of 27 academic departments have responded.
    • Besides the Academic Department tables, the following will have their own tables
      • Specific Minors e.g. Leadership and Global Understanding, etc.
      • Academic Advisors e. g. Assistant Deans
      • Explore U table
        • folders with info about the model
        • Explorers Guide – handed out to all students attending the Fair
      • A technology station equipped with laptops and printers for students to print out their rosters or other relevant information
    • It is suggested that each academic department plan to display specific information about the major/minor represented, a list of potential careers for that major/minor, a faculty representative, an upper class student and possibly alumni.
    • Discussion ensued as to how to encourage students to attend the Fair.
    • It will be important for faculty to communicate to students that the Fair is not just for undecided students but also for students thinking about double majoring and/or picking up minors.
  • Checklist – electronic tracking:
    • The Explore U group discussed the idea of awarding Certificate of Completions for students who have completed the ‘essential steps’ for the Explore U model. This idea was met with much support.
      • Each Assistant Dean will identify essential steps from the model that the students in their Schools would be expected to complete.
      • Checklist will reflect the ‘choices’ that meet the ‘essential’ career tasks appropriate for each school i.e. School of Nursing: clinical rotations/ School of Business: Coops/ Arts and Sciences: Internships , etc.
    • Mike Nielsen will be invited to the next Explore U meeting to assist with the development of an electronic tracking system.
  • Fall 2008
    • It was suggested that all undecided Arts and Sciences students continue to be grouped in designated FYO sections similar to this year’s structure. All of these students will get the Self Directed Search in class and be asked to write a reflective paper as per this year’s pilot.
    • All other freshmen would be introduced to the Explore U model in their FYOs with encouragement to come to the Career Services Center to take the Self Directed Search.
    • AEP students would engage in Explore U (i.e. take the SDS and write a reflective paper) during their orientation week in August. This is currently being discussed with Teri Ceraso.
    • The current Explore U students (2007-08 pilot study students) would continue with the Sophomore stage of the model.
      • Letters will be sent to students and their families over the summer to explain the next stage of the model.
      • Electronic checklist would be set up for these students to monitor their involvement in the model.
  • Explore U Website
    • Lou Lamorte and Kara Branz volunteered to start to work on this.
    • Mike Nielsen will be involved in this discussion at the next Explore U meeting.
  • Enrollment Services’ involvement in Explore U :
    • A representative from Enrollment Services will be joining the committee.
    • This will help with communication to incoming students about the Explore U model as help with admissions trends (# of undecided students, etc.) and scheduling issues relevant to the model (FYO sections).

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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