Meeting Minutes – February

Present: Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Phenix Fraser, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Mike Payne, Julie Valenti.
Absent: Jay Boney, Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr,

  • February 14 Minutes – Reviewed and Approved.
  • Electronic Checklist & Website
    • The proposed checklist was reviewed
      • The original checklists will be categorized for each stage, with each category have several items/tasks/resources that students could/should complete.
      • A general checklist will be set up as a website for “guests” to view the Explore U stages/tasks/resources.
      • Personal student checklists will be created on mylasalle through which students may track their progress and taking advantage of single sign-on feature.
      • Individual checklists will show the percentage of progress completed.
      • For each item on the list, students will be required to enter text demonstrating completion of the task before moving on to the next stage.
      • The concept of awarding a Certificate of Completion was discussed further. While there is support for this idea, there were also concerns regarding the verification of students’ activities/jobs/etc. to assure actual completion of Explore U requirements. Monitoring student progress would be labor intensive and not realistic at this point with the current staffing in the CSC. Further discussion of this is required.
  • Fall 2008 Freshmen implementation (continued discussion)
    • The group agreed that Explore U should be presented in all FYO classes.
      • Lane & Lou will be meeting with Margot to discuss this.
      • Career Services staff will conduct the presentations.
    • All freshman advisors should receive information about or training on Explore U.
      • Training options for Freshmen Advisors will be discussed with Learning Support Services at a later date.
  • “Explore Your Possibilities” (stage 2) discussion:
    • The group discussed that Academic Department involvement is necessary to student involvement at this stage.
    • Currently, all SBA departments and several A&S departments engage in career related activities at the sophomore level.
      • Business 203 provides business students with career-related activities (i.e. resume writing project).
      • English, Math, Computer Science, Communication and Education incorporate some type of career-decision activity into their curriculum or coursework.
    • It was also recommended that Career Services staff meet with department chairs (and/or all faculty) not mentioned above to provide more details about this stage as well as Explore U in general and to identify ways to engage student in the process.
  • Updates
    • Majors & Minors Fair – This first time event was very successful. All academic departments and special minors did participate. Over 100 students attended the event including 48 freshmen, 28 sophomores, and 20 juniors. It was noted, though, that only 16 undeclared majors attended; Career Services will attempt to find out why ULA students did not participate. Based on verbal comments, faculty seemed pleased with the event. A formal evaluation has been sent to all participating faculty.
    • Explore U presentation – Lane Phenix and Lou will be presenting at the 3rd Best Practices in Higher Education conference hosted by the Community College of Philadelphia on April 18, 2008.
  • Next Meeting – March 20, 3:00 p.m. Future meetings are expected to continue on a biweekly basis for the remainder of the Spring 2008 semester.

Respectfully submitted by Louis A. Lamorte, Jr.

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