Meeting Minutes – August 1, 2007

Present: Co Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Phenix Frazier, Jo Anne Green, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti

Absent: Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr, Alumni Relations representative (TBA)

  1. A brief description of the purpose of the Explore U model and its current status was presented.
  2. The goals for the new Explore U Team were identified. These include the following:
    1. Monitor and evaluate the Pilot Study
    2. Make recommendations for improvement if needed
    3. Build subsequent stages of the Explore U model
    4. Plan for implementation
    5. Design system for assessment
  3. Discussion occurred about the importance for increasing awareness in students, faculty and administration of the Explore U initiative.
    1. It is evident that several successful, effective ‘career-oriented’ initiatives are already in place in various Schools and Academic Departments. It is hoped that the Explore U model can serve as a way to coordinate ‘best practices’ into standardized experiences for students that will take into account the unique needs of various academic departments and will incorporate the efforts that are already in place.
    2. It was noted that much work has been done in the ‘Experiential Education’ Task Force which is relevant to a career exploration model. It would be important for the Explore U Team to be informed about the work of this task force and explore how to utilize recommendations from the latter when building the Explore U model.
    3. Concerns were raised about the need to communicate to faculty about Explore U. It was confirmed that a letter was sent out in June from the Provost to all full time faculty and FYO instructors informing them about the Explore U initiative.
  4. Efforts (lead by Jo Anne Green) are in the works to select and implement an e-portfolio system for La Salle students. This can eventually be used to support the Explore U model.
  5. An Explore U related collaborative initiative that is currently being presented to the Academic Schools is a “Majors Fair’ to take place before Spring Registration. Support and positive feedback has been received from each of the Schools.
  6. The Explore U Team will meet every two weeks beginning September 6. It is vital that the Team be informed about “career-related” efforts that are currently in place.   Faculty and administrators will be encouraged to contact a Team member to share about current ‘career exploration’ activities as well as feedback about their students’ needs so this information can inform the development of the Explore U model.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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