Meeting Minutes – September 6, 2007

Present: Co Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr, Phenix Frazier, Jo Anne Green, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti

Absent, Alumni Relations representative (TBA)

  1. Explore U Updates:
    1. Freshman Advisor Explore U Training – Majority of the 48 FYA’s involved in the Explore U pilot study have completed the training or arranged to attend one of 3 make-up sessions. (to date, 32 FYA’s have completed the training, 8 are signed up for the remaining  make-up session, 2 have refused to participate and 6 have not responded).  Positive feedback has been received from the FYA’s who have participated in the Explore U training.
    2. School of Business Meeting – Lynn Miller organized a meeting with S of B faculty and invited several individuals involved with career related activities ( Explore U, Experiential Education, E-portfolio, Career Beam (S of B) , Navigility (S of C& PS)) with the goal of coordinating efforts and building on ‘best practices’ .
    3. FYO’s & Pilot Study – All nine sections have been scheduled for an ‘Explore U’ session.
    4. Blackboard Checklist – all ‘Explore U’ students have been set up with an ‘Explore U’ module on blackboard which contains the expected career development ‘tasks’ for their freshmen year. All advisors have access to this ‘course’ so they can view their advisees’ progress.
    5. Planning Committees’ collaboration – a meeting is being planned for all the Provost’s planning committee chairs (i.e. Teaching and Practice, City as a Classroom, Learning for the Greater Good, Explore U, etc. to promote collaboration.
    6. Majors Fair – Mike Bachman taking lead on this. Lou and Lane have met with the Academic Deans who all have endorsed this initiative. A fact sheet has been sent to each Academic Dean. Date is set for February 21st.   Lou will be contacting Deans to arrange meetings with Department Chairs.
    7. Career Services Ad Hoc Advisory Committee – this advisory group is comprised of faculty from all three Academic Schools, the Director of Alumni Relations, and the Director of Learning Support Programs. Feedback from this committee will be used to inform the work of the Explore U team as well as the activities of Career Services in general.
    8. Alumni Retreat – Lou and Lane have been invited to attend the 3rd Alumni Leadership Conference to present on the Career Services initiatives being developed to engage Alumni in these efforts.
  2. Explore U Team 2007-08 Goals reviewed
    1. Develop subsequent stages, time frames & implementation strategies
    2. Monitor and evaluate the Pilot Study
    3. Strategize how to implement first stage of the model for all freshmen – Fall 2008
    4. Maintain communications with other key constituencies i.e. admissions
    5. Develop Explore U website.
  3. Sophomore stage – Explore Your Possibilities
    1. Learning Goals reviewed
      1. Gather information: majors/educational paths, jobs, careers, industries.
      2. Solidify short-term and longer-term goals.
      3. Reflect and plan.
    2. Committee brainstormed what students should be expected to do during their Sophomore year to continue the career exploration process that was begun in Freshmen year.
      1. Increase familiarity with career development resources
      2. Become involved with student organizations, service projects and other experiences that relate to future aspirations
      3. Begin building a portfolio and/or resume
      4. Participate in Major’s fair: confirm current choice of major, think about possible minors.
      5. Gather information about careers and educational choices for post graduation (network with alumni, etc.)
    3. Goal for next Explore U meeting is to finalize the tasks to be completed during sophomore year and begin to operationalize this stage.
  4. Faculty member & Alumni representation is still needed on the Explore U working group.
  5. Next Meeting is Sept. 20th at 3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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