Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2007

Present: Co Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Genevieve Carlton, Mary Dorr, Phenix Frazier, Kathi McNichol, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti
Absent: Jo Anne Green, Alumni Relations representative (TBA)

  1. Explore U Updates:
  2. Explore U pilot:
    1. Approximately half the FYO classes that are in the pilot have had the Self Directed Search administered to them. Preliminary feedback has been positive from the students who participated in these classes. Many students have already uploaded their codes and reaction papers onto the Explore U Blackboard program.
    2. Requests from other populations (i.e. residence floors, FYO faculty, etc.) to administer the SDS have been received by the Career Services Center.
  3. Advisor Training
    1. 41 advisors went through the training, 8 did not attend the initial FYA Explore U workshop or the 3 make-up sessions, and 2 sent emails stating they did not want to participate.
    2. The students (AEP students) whose Academic Advisors did not attend the training will be advised by the AEP advisor (Br. Dave Rodgers).   The names of these students have been given to Br. Dave Rodgers who will serve as the Explore U advisor.
    3. Lou Lamorte has sent the Explorer’s Guide accompanied by a letter of explanation to all Explore U Advisors. He will follow up on this with an email with instructions about accessing students’ info on the Blackboard Explore U site and information about referral resources.
  4. Provost Action Groups meeting
    1. Lou Lamorte and Lane Neubauer met with Lynn Texter, Michael Smith, and Preston Feden with the goal of coordinating all of the Provost Action Groups and initiatives. The intention would be to avoid duplicating efforts and to support one another’s goals.
  5. Alumni Leadership Conference
    1. Lou Lamorte and Lane Neubauer lead a “Career Services” breakout session designed to engage alumni in participating in Career Services’ initiatives.
    2. Explore U, among other CS programs & services, was discussed. The alumni volunteers reacted positively to the program and are willing to help.
  6. Sophomore Year – Explore Your Possibilities : the group looked at Sophomore Year programs occurring at other Universities. The challenges of engaging sophomores in continuing the career development process was discussed; systems for accountability are lacking in the sophomore year so incentives need to be included in the stage of the model in order to facilitate motivation for continued participation in the model.
  7. Essentials
    1. Write Goal Statement as to how La Salle education relates to their future.
    2. Gather information about one’s choice or possible choice of majors and/or additional majors/minors
      1. Talk with an upperclassman
      2. Talk with a faculty member
      3. Talk with an alumni who graduated with that major
    3. Attend Majors Fair
    4. Begin building a portfolio and/or resume
    5. Gather information about careers and educational choices for post graduation
      1. attend Career Expo
      2. network with alumni,
  8. Enrichments
    1. Explore Undergraduate Catalogue (a questionnaire will be designed to do this)
      1. complete Explore U questionnaire
      2. make a schedule for future semesters/ find out when required courses for major are given
    2. Join professional organization related to major
    3. Engage in self discovery inventories and assessments through Career Services Center
    4. Assist professors with research pursuits
    5. Find out information about study abroad opportunities
    6. Engage in community service
    7. Career related initiatives that occur in each Academic School should be considered enrichment steps
      1. School of Business
        1. Portfolio assignments in BUS 203 Organizational Behavior
        2. Network Nights (Accounting & Finance majors in September and Marketing & Management majors in February)
        3. Executives on Campus (two days of speakers in business classes)
        4. Corporate speakers–arranged by departments, faculty, student organizations
        5. Majors and Careers in Business (available to sophomores although most who attend are freshmen)
      2. School of Arts and Sciences
        1. (Information to be gathered)
      3. School of Nursing and Health Sciences
        1. (Information to be gathered)
  9. Implementation Strategies – the following ideas and incentives were suggested:
    1. A letter will be sent out to all sophomore students the summer before they begin their sophomore year addressing the essential Explore U ‘career development steps to take during this year. This can be followed up with a ‘sophomore’ targeted portal announcement.
    2. Included in the letter will be an “Explore U Sophomore Road Map” which will include career related tasks with point values.
    3. An electronic checklist will be set up for sophomore year.
    4. Students will be asked to write a career/ academic goal statement (to be further defined) and bring it back to campus with them as they start their sophomore year. This will make them eligible for the first drawing (see next item)
    5. Each month, students will be eligible to submit their points to qualify for a drawing with prizes. At the end of the year, a major prize will be awarded in a drawing for all the students who have completed the ‘essential’ steps and/or have earned certain point values.
  10. Next Meeting is Oct. 4th at 3 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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