Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2007

Present: Dr. Joseph Cicala (chair) Dr. Lane Neubauer, Nathan Slife, Dr. Ana Maria Catanzaro,Dr. Myungho (Simon) Moon, Dr. Patricia Wilson, Ryan Yarcia.
Absent: Mindy Massaro (visiting our study abroad programs in Australia), Dan Bucher, Pete Engeland, Danielle Forsythe, Celeste Wade.
Guest: Kate Ward-Gaus

  1. Dr. Cicala leda moment of prayer and reflection.
  2. Members introduced themselves and were welcomed to the committee.
  3. We reviewed our statement of charge and membership.
  4. The Division of Student Affairs annual report for 2006-2007 was distributed for review and discussion at our next meeting.
  5. Housing-related maintenance concerns expressed by her freshman advisees were raised by Dr. Catanzaro. Ways in which those concerns may be reported and addressed were identified.
  6. In connection with the Division of Student Affairs’ recent participation in the National Domestic Violence Summit and an emerging set of partnerships with Women Against Abuse, it was proposed that our first review this year of policies and procedures– and, more importantly, educational efforts –center on those pertaining to sexual misconduct/harassment reaction and prevention.  Dr. Neubauer and Dr. Cicala distributed relevant excerpts from theStudent Guide to Resources, Rights, and Responsibilities(pp. 36-39, 48, and 75-79), as well as copies of our Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct pamphlets, all of which also are available in the “Division Publications” section of the DSA area of the web site ( Dr. Neubauer also described the ways in which the pamphlets have been distributed and/or made available to students and others over the past few years.  Members were asked to review the materials in detail for a general discussion at our next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D.
Dean of Students

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