Meeting Minutes – October 4, 2007

Present– Co-Chairs: Lane Neubauer, Lou Lamorte; Members: Mike Bachman, Kara Branz, Phenix Frazsier, Kathi McNichol, Sally Rooney, Alicia Silverstone.

Excused—Mary Dorr, JoAnne Green, Susan Mudrick, Julie Valenti,  Genevieve Carlton

  1. Updates:
    1. Blackboard Usage
      1. Explore U pilot study students have begun to post essays on blackboard.  It was noted that students are reacting positively to the SDS and some have indicated they will be meeting with a counselor to discuss their results.
      2. Phenix recommended that Blackboard login instructions be sent to all Freshman Advisors involved in Explore U as many have asked her how to access Blackboard and the students’ essays. Lou Lamorte will send these to the advisors along with information about appropriate referrals and other resources.
      3. FYO instructors will be contacted to remind the students who haven’t posted their essays on Blackboard to do so.
    2. SDS Administrations
      1. The SDS has been given to all FYO classes in the pilot program.
    3. Explorer’s Guide
      1. Additional hard copies of the Explorer’s Guide have been reproduced and are available in the Career Services Center.
      2. The Guide will be accessible (as a PDF file) on the Division of Student Affairs TBA~E website as well as other DSA webpages.
    4. Alumni Involvement
      1. Alumni will be invited to participate as mentors at the Career Expo to represent the various stages of Explore U. Alumni Mentors (listed in eXplorenet) and alumni who participated in the recent Volunteer Leadership Conference will be the initial target group. Jim Gulick and his staff will also extend the invitation to other alumni not is the database as they are identified.
      2. Lou distributed the “Partnering with the Career Services Center” handout which was disseminated at the Leadership Conference.
    5. Provost’s Action Groups
      1. Lane and Lou will be providing feedback to Lynn Texter on a document summarizing the work of all the action groups to assure the inclusion of the work of the Explore U team.
    6. Open House
      1. At the October 13th Open House, there will be a separate table to promote Explore U and career services. A member of the Career Services Center will staff that table.
  2. New Business
    1. International Education Week presentation
      1. The Multicultural Center and the Career Services Center are co-sponsoring an “International Careers” presentation scheduled for Thursday, Nov 15 at 12:30 in Olney 100.
    2. Explore U brochure
      1. Lou distributed a draft of a brochure to be used at Open House. Feedback on the content and design was provided by team members. Jim suggested including website and/or contact information for each of the resources listed.
  3. Explore Your Possibilities discussion
    1. Lou suggested adding “learning about experiential education opportunities” to the essential list as the sophomore year is the time to find out the various ways students can gain experience in their field/major.
    2. The team discussed how to ensure students will follow through on the essentials & enrichments for the sophomore year. Kathi recommended that academic departments advise sophomores in a more structured or deliberate method. The idea of a “sophomore year experience” program or model, similar to the Freshman Advising model, was discussed and well received by all members of the team. After further discussion of how advising is handled by the SBA and SAS, key elements of a Sophomore Year advising model included identifying advisors who would be adequately trained in issues impacting sophomore students.
    3. It was suggested that the “Sophomore Year Experience” concept be presented to the chairs of the Provost’s action groups.
  4. Next meeting – October 18, 2007 @ 3:00 pm
    1. Discussion for the next meeting will include draft outlines for the Explore Through Performance and Explore Paths to Your Future stages as well as plans for assessing the Explore Your Potential pilot.

Respectfully submitted by Lou Lamorte

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