Meeting Minutes – October 10, 2007

Health Advisory Committee Minutes

Present: Co-Chair: Lane B. Neubauer; Members: Arlene Dallery, Meryl Gurmankin, Angie Marfisi,  John Robinson, Cherylyn Rush,  Dennis Sheanan, Scott Tajirian, Matthew Webster

Absent: Co Chair: Dina Oleksiak, Members: Mike Gilbert, Celeste Wade, Human Resources representative (TBA)

  • Introductions and Welcome to new HAC members
  • Review of 2006-07accomplishments
    • Hand washing mirror stickers were placed in all community bathrooms to address the prevention of germs (MRSA, flu prevention, etc.).
    • “Health Tips of the Month” were published each month in Campus News and on the Portal.
    • Efforts to address “Healthy Objectives 2010” (specifically improving nutrition and fitness) were increased.
    • Goals for successful Fall and Spring Blood Drives as well as Health Fair were met.
    • Bed Bugs’ campus protocol was written;  Approval by Physical Facilities still pending.
    • Tips for health and safety for students traveling (study abroad, travel study, athletes, service trips) were written.
    • Accessibility issues on campus were reviewed and communicated to Physical Plant.
  • 2007 -08 Goals
    • Provide education and awareness for relevant health issues at La Salle University and update campus community when health concerns do arise.
      • Continue “Health Tip of the Month” campaign.
    • Continue efforts to increase awareness of Healthy Objectives 2010.
      • Nutrition
        • continue to explore ways to get more nutritional information displayed in Food Services venues.
        • continue to recommend the addition of a Nutritionist ; identify the benefits to a variety of constituencies at La Salle i.e. students, athletes, faculty, staff, etc.
        • raise awareness of eating issues impacting the health of our community i.e. obesity, eating disorders, body image.
      • Fitness
        • encourage more usage of fitness facilities.
        • encourage more physical activity within the staff and faculty as well as students.
    • Identify, evaluate and communicate protocols for handling “Mental Health” issues on campus.
        • provide information and procedures to La Salle community  about how to handle ‘disruptive’ behavior.
        • disseminate contact information for useful resources when disruptive situations occur.
    • Plan successful Blood Drives including adding a third day for Platelet collection.
    • Plan successful Health Fair.
    • Assess success of alcohol and other drug prevention efforts on campus relevant to employees and students and generate suggestions if necessary.
      • Address issues of abuse of ‘prescription drugs’ i.e. Adderal, Ritalin
  • Blood drive
    • Scheduled for Nov. 13th & 14th (Tuesday and Weds.)
    • ‘Platelet Drive” scheduled for Nov. 15th  (Thursday)
    • An extra Health Advisory Committee meeting will be scheduled for Oct. 24th in order to organize donor recruitment strategies
  • Health Fair
    • Scheduled for Thursday, March 13th
    • Committees will be designated at a future HAC meeting.
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Weds. Oct. 24th , 1:00 p.m. McShain Seminar Room.

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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