Meeting Minutes – October 15, 2007

Meeting Minutes

Present:  Anna Melnyk Allen, Tonya Ellis, Kyle Carter, Chris Dougherty

Absent:  Michael Viso, Ginger Modla

Excused (but expected at next session):  Evelyn Klein, Jeff Landis, Robert O’Brien, Dawn Wanner

The meeting was largely organizational in nature.  Ms. Allen explained the nature of the Student Press Committee, charge as written, and the particular objectives from last year’s group.  The Dean of Students had planned to join the committee for the first meeting, but was unable to attend, due to illness.  He will be invited to the next session.

As was the case last year, the committee would have an extremely difficult, if not impossible, time meeting in totality on a regular basis.  Due to conflicting schedules, particularly due to student internships and faculty off-campus and teaching schedules, the committee will once again form a portal group, be responsible for regular review and response through this tool.  Additionally, there will be two sets of meetings.  One group will meet in regular intervals on Monday at 1:00, and the other group at regular intervals on Tuesdays at 1:30.  Meetings will not be repeated.  Reminders will be sent for all to regularly check and respond through the portal group.

Tasks for this year include:

  1. Formally asking the Dean of Students to advance the proposal, completed late last year, to rename and reorganize the Student Press Committee to Student Media Committee.  Should this occur, other members, representing additional student media outlets will be invited to membership in the committee.
  2. Develop and implement a regular plan of post-publication review of all student media.  Typically, this task has only been undertaken upon someone’s request, and usually in response to a stated need or concern.  Discussion at today’s meeting led us to believe that it is healthy and beneficial to conduct reviews without this prompt.

Immediate organizational task continue:

  1. Anna Allen will communicate with the current committee members through email remind them to join the portal group.

Respectfully submitted:
Anna Melnyk Allen

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