Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2007

Meeting Minutes

Present: Co Chairs:  Lane B. Neubauer, Lou Lamorte;  Members:  , Jim Gulick, Meryl Gurmankin, Margaret Lowenthal, Marc Moreau
Absent: Teri Ceraso, Penny Grob, Peg McCoey, Jim Rook, Liz Scofield

  • Updates on current initiatives
    • Explore U
      • Professional marketing materials are being initiated through University Communications.
      • Positive feedback has been received about Explore U pilot study.
      • Approximately 1/3 of students have posted their reflective essays on Blackboard.  Career Services staff will be contacting FYO instructors to remind their students to post their papers.
    • Career Expo
      • Currently 97 organizations ( employers, graduate programs, etc.) are signed up to participate in the Expo.  It is expected that by the actual event there will be more than 100 vendors.
      • There has been a good response from Alumni who will be attending to help out with the Expo.
    • Majors Fair
      • Overall reaction has been positive although some negative reaction was received by one faculty member.
      • A suggestion was made to change the name from “Majors Fair” to “Majors and Minors Fair”.  The CSAC thought this was a very good idea and will proceed forward with the new name.
    • Department Networking and Events
      • Several in the works involving Communications Department, Social work, Sociology and Criminal Justice, School of Business, etc.
  • Discussion on how Career Services can support Academic Departments
    • A productive discussion ensued about how to help current students understand their future options connected to their field of study.
    • The importance of involving Alumni was reinforced; this had a lot of support from everyone at the meeting.
    • It was discussed that some departments used to have a function on their websites which allowed for “blogging” with alumni who graduated from these departments.  This served several functions.
      • Students learned more about the major and possibilities for future career paths.
      • It created a sense of cohesiveness and connection within the major.
      • It facilitated networking for future opportunities.
      • It allowed for interactions and dialogue which deepened the educational experience of the students as well as increased investment in their choice of major.
    • We will invite Academic Computing to the next Career Services Advisory Committee meeting to see if the portal group function might be able to support this idea.
  • Next meeting will be November 7th at 2 p.m. in the Career Services Center Conference

Respectfully submitted by Lane B. Neubauer Ph.D.

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