Meeting Minutes – October 19, 2007

In Attendance: Alan Wendell, Carolyn Lemongelli, Anna Allen, Br. John Kane, Suzanne Boyll, Karen Kostelny, Nancy Jones, Father Jim Dever, Suzanne Earnest

Goal of meeting is to brainstorm ideas for Opening Weekend and to be prepared for the second meeting in November to have goals and events set for Opening Weekend including different plans based on the budget

Opening Weekend changes discussed
Overall goals of Opening Weekend
Build relationships with each other, with Philadelphia, with La Salle
Have students become comfortable with SEPTA
Host events that students can and will replicate in the future

Thursday is successful, no changes necessary
Friday – possible changes for reading
Have Provost select reading
Reading would be used throughout year in FYO or freshman classes
Choose a reading selection written by alumni or a professor

Monday could be used as part of opening weekend with shortened class schedule to allow more faculty and staff to be involved in new student interactions

Saturday Brainstorming

  • Have on campus and off campus components and different options – full day trip, half day, on campus
  • Try not to duplicate FYO or Residence Hall trips, possibly push back and FYO for them to change
  • Sign up would take place on the portal and there would be a number limitation to each trip
  • Barbeque with students and neighbors – Corie and Ryan to attend meetings involving neighborhood events
  • Barbeque with new students and upperclassmen from clubs and athletics to socialize, ask club members to attend as ambassadors not as a job

On Campus Options

  • Tour of where all classes are located
  • Concert
  • Host barbeque or event on West Campus

Off Campus Option Categories

  • Cultural – Italian Market, Reading Terminal
  • Sports
  • Arts and Science
  • History – Eastern State Penitentiary, Mudder Museum
  • Local Attractions – Chestnut Hill, Manayunk

Once events are selected a student focus group can be used to determine what they feel will be successful events

Saturday night needs a closing aspect
A barbeque with freshman and clubs/athletics could be the closing event
Move funds and barbeque from Wednesday evening to Saturday
Alumni could be invited back to attend and help with the Saturday night event

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