Meeting Minutes – October 29, 2007

Meeting Notes

In Attendance: Alan Wendell (co-chair), Jeff Hershberger (co-chair), Michael Purvis, Andrea Young, Greer Richardson, Emma Petrucci, Scott Baietti, John Williamson,

Absent: Meggin Forti, John Michel,

  1. We discussed potential agenda items for the board to work on and identified the following possibilities:
    1. Loss Recovery for Food Services
    2. Residential Facility Upgrade needs/progress
    3. Potential development of a Learning Community for Lasallian Values interested students.
    4. Receiving feedback on the Security Desk Receptionist Program.
    5. Residential Facility Lounge space utilization.
    6. Commuter Guest access to the residential facilities.
    7. Soliciting feedback on the new picnic tables and benches in and around the residential facilities.
    8. Identifying the impact of University changes (addition of West Campus and Shopping area) on residential facilities.
    9. Reviewing recommended changes for the University alcohol policy and clarifying CDAB recommendations.
  2. Alan agreed to bring the alcohol policy change recommendations to the next meeting for discussion.
  1. The next CDAB meeting will be Monday, November 12, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. in Union #308.
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